DELBY PVC Pre-finished Ceiling Panels have many advantages over a Gyprock Ceilings and are much more cost effective when installed. Installation times are significantly reduced – A standard 3m x 4m ceiling can be installed with Delby PVC Ceiling Panels within a matter of a few hours – Compare that to 3 days with a Gyprock Ceiling allowing for drying time of plaster and paint. Savings are not just with the initial installation they add up over the years as once installed you will have no need to employ a painter again , simply wipe clean and your done. Thicker panels up to 10mm are available should you be installing directly to Timber / Steel Ceiling joists or Furring Channel Lengths are from 2400mm through to 5950mm – A cut to size service is available on request. All of our panels are pre-finished , we have Matt White – Gloss White – Woodgrains and Contemporary designs available .


If you are looking for a wall covering that is Cost effective with added benefits over traditional materials then look no further. All of our panels are pre-finished in various Colours and Designs including Tiled effects ,once installed there will be nothing else to do – No sanding , painting or grouting. As the panels are 100% water resistant ,this makes them a perfect option in absolutely any wet area,mould & maintenance free Simple to install – All of our Wall panels have a male and female edge running down the long lengths that simply interlock into each other to form a continuous smooth surface . Installing can be done either Glueing or fixing through the female tongue on the panel panel edge that is then covered by the next.They can be installed over existing tiles , brick , fibro etc and new timber or steel wall studs.With installation times significantly reduced you will find that Delby wall panels are very cost effective with the added advantage of no ongoing maintenance.